Bill Dolsen

William "Bill" Dolsen was born and raised in Yakima, Washington in March of 1949 to Bob and Ruth Dolsen. From his early teen years working on the cattle ranch in Terrace Heights, to helping his father build The Cow Palace, Bill always knew he would work for the family business.

As a young man, Bill and his family rarely went on summer vacations. Bill had responsibilities on the ranch that required attention during every spring break, winter break, or summer vacation. Bill was a very hard-working young man and quickly developed similar work ethics as his father. Bill educated himself in every facet of the dairy and enjoyed the wholesome environment it provided.

In 1973, Bill met Rhonda Englund and they were married two years later. In 1976, Bill decided to move to Western Washington and experience life in the big city. It was a difficult decision since Bill thought he would always work for his father. However, as he grew older, Bill realized he needed to try new things.

While residing in Seattle, Bill and Rhonda started their family. They had two sons, Brady and Adam. In 1992, Bob approached Bill about taking over the family business, so Bill and Rhonda packed their bags and the boys and moved back to Yakima.

Today, Bill serves on many community boards and has maintained the reputation of the Dolsen companies. He has earned the respect of his fellow dairymen by staying involved in the NW Darigold Association. He recently was appointed a board member on the Darigold Board. The family maintains a modest sized pear and apple orchard in Zillah, adjacent to the dairy. Bill would like to acquire additional agricultural land and continue to diversify The Cow Palace.

As the challenges of being a dairy farmer increase, Bill's determination to improve dairy operations increases as well. Bill recognizes that the dairy could not be successful without the efforts of the 90 people that make up the staff at The Cow Palace, and it will be these same people that will allow the dairy to continue to develop. Bill hopes to grow the dairy while continuing research and development for innovative techniques in waste management and other environmental factors faced in today's dairy market. Side-by-side with his son Adam, this generation of Dolsens will maintain the legacy of excellence left by their father and grandfather.