Bob Dolsen

Robert R. "Bob" Dolsen was born in 1913 in Leavenworth, Washington to Raymond and Leila Dolsen. During his toddler years, his family moved to the Yakima area where he lived for the rest of his life. Bob was born with an industrious drive to succeed and this trait paved his path to success later in life. After receiving his degree in accounting from the University of Washington, Bob moved back home and married his sweetheart Ruth Rankin. They had two children, daughter Joanie and son Bill. During this time, Bob worked for a Yakima CPA firm. » Read More

Bill Dolsen

William "Bill" Dolsen was born and raised in Yakima, Washington in March of 1949 to Bob and Ruth Dolsen. From his early teen years working on the cattle ranch in Terrace Heights, to helping his father build The Cow Palace, Bill always knew he would work for the family business. » Read More

Adam Dolsen

Adam is the youngest son of Bill and Rhonda Dolsen. As a kid, Adam washed trucks at the family business, along with other responsibilities.

Beginning in 2000, Adam spent his summers and school vacations working at the family's cattle ranch before starting work at The Cow Palace in 2003. » Read More